Vision Trip 2020

At the source of the Nile River, God is writing a new story of disability.

A story of hope. A story of love. A story of redemption.

We invite you to experience the story yourself.


This August, Ekisa is hosting a vision trip to Jinja, Uganda so that you can see firsthand our work and the impact that we are making for children and families of disability. 

The Time

WhenAugust 2020, 5 full days in country


WhatDuring the trip, participants will hear stories from the amazing families rewriting the story of disability in their communities, and see how we are empowering them through our programs.


Time will be spent at an Ekisa “Core Group” where you will meet families in our Community Care program as they come for therapy and meet with their social worker. You will also get the chance to witness class in action at Ekisa Academy and see how our special education teachers work individually with each student to help them learn and experience the world.


In addition, you'll come away with a clear frame of reference as we unpack more details about the stigma of disability in Uganda, our new empowerment programs, and our efforts in foster care.

Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa, and Jinja is the beginning of the Nile River. One day of the trip will be dedicated to seeing some of the beauty of the country and why it has earned that name.  

The Travel

 In-country travel arrangements including  transportation, and accommodations will be arranged by Ekisa Ministries as well as assisting with air travel bookings. 

Trip Costs ::


Airfare $1,100 - $1,400

Tourist Visa - $50

Lodging, meals, and Transport $300 

Necessary vaccines for travel to Africa (see below)

Interested in this trip or future vision trips? Let us know here.

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

Necessary Vaccines


Typhoid vaccine :: $50 - 85 (2 year or 5 year options)

Anti-malaria prescription

Yellow fever vaccine :: $200 est in U.S. - $40 upon arrival  (This is a lifetime vaccine, but the U.S. has a shortage and some people are only able to get it upon arrival in Uganda )